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Castle Windsor Registration Options

Hi All this is the first post on my blog and hope this sets the stage for things are going to come. This post will be light on code but will set the stage.

I recently had a small project which I decided to use Castle Windsor as my IoC of choice

As a user you have a few ways that you can register you dependencies:

  1. XML Registration
  2. Manual Registration
  3. Automatic Registration using Conventions

Xml Registration is horrible as you have to pay angle bracket tax and you have not got the compiler to check for typos. However if you need to allow a third party to change configuration settings it can be useful

Manual Registration in code is better than Xml as the compiler checks for errors.

Auto Configuration is the best as you can have a naming convention and automattically wire up dependencies without having to add/update/remove them as they come about.

The next post we will talk about manual registration in code.

Cheers back soon with some examples.

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