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Castle Windsor Manual Registration Arrays

In previous post I have used the Parameters method when registering components manually. This is actually now obsolete and to set static values you should be using the DependsOn method.

Looking at the code below you can see the from and to parameters in the Notifier class constructor. Look at how the to parameter is a string array.  The DependsOn method allows you to assign any value wheres as Properties method only allows string based properties to be set so arrays and hashtables will not work out of the box. It is recommended on the website to use DependsOn going forwards.

using Castle.MicroKernel.Registration;
using Castle.Windsor;

namespace CastleWindsorDemos

    public interface INotifier
        void Notify();

    public class Notifier : INotifier
        private readonly string[] to;
        private readonly string from;

        public Notifier(string from, string[] to)
            this.to = to;
            this.from = from;

        public void Notify()
            // Put code to send to people wishing to be notified here

    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            WindsorContainer container = new WindsorContainer();
                                            Property.ForKey("to").Eq(new[] { "tom@hotmail.com", "fred@hotmail.com" })

            INotifier n = container.Resolve<INotifier>();


Hope this helps.


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