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Learning… I mean Embracing Javascript

Well this is a little interesting for me. Well when I first started programming with PHP back in the early 2000’s i really hated Javascript. and since Ajax had not come into play we use to do everything server side where possible. Then came Ajax which I got my first taste in 2007 with ASP.NET Ajax using update panels. Now everyone expects fairly rich UI’s and trying to do them in ASP.NET is really horrible especially when update panels run the whole page request from start to finish.

Also now my feelings towards Javascript are starting to change. I guess not opinions but ignorance is probably better. I have take the plunge and actually decided to learn Javascript. Now we have frameworks like JQuery we can complain about the DOM and the like we should embrace it as the functional programming language that it is.

I am using WebStorm from Jetbrains which has goot code completion so VS 2010 is not the only one out there that can claim this now.

Well the journey will be a long one but why I am doing this since I can hack my way through using UpdatePanels. Well I am a huge fan of ASP.NET MVC and am keen to update my skills so thus the plunge begins.


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