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Beware of Greeks with Readonly Horse References

We all know what a constant is well a readonly is the same as a constant but you can assign a value to it in the constructor.

What you need to know about readonly is that with value types like ints, doubles, floats and the likes you can not change the value of the variable.
Reference type readonly variables work differently as you can not assign it a new reference. This mean you cant create a new object and assign it to the variable but you can change the contents internal to the object.

This can be a bit of a trap. What you could do if this is really going to be an issue for you is define an immutable type.

Here is an example of the issue.

using System;

namespace CSharpClasses

	public class ReferenceType{
		public int value{get;set;}

	public class TestingReadonly{
		public readonly int maxCounter;
		public readonly ReferenceType type;
		public TestingReadonly(){
			maxCounter = 10;
			type = new ReferenceType();

	class MainClass
		public static void Main (string[] args)
			TestingReadonly r = new TestingReadonly();
			//r.maxCounter = 66; Cant change this
			//r.type = new ReferenceType(); Cant change this
			r.type.value = 66; // Can change this.


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