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Microsoft .NET Developers Suck at Object Oriented Development

This may sound like I am on my high horse and a bit arrogant but I hope it not. Most companies I have worked at are the same and most .NET developers are the same bar a few. Most developers really struggle with the basics of OO and only learn the Microsoft API’s. So when you see there code its is a really big transaction script and most of the so called objects are really glorified data structures.

I find this sad and Microsoft push developers down this path with little guidance and focus on these tools just so called better tooling.

Sure the data structure okay at times on small applications but the code becomes a maintenance mess on larger gigs. I cant say I have not sinned but I make an effort to try and model the domain and follow SOLID and other good software engineering practices.

I am disturbed at how little people care about good OO design and practice and hope people can change there ways.

I would like to Microsoft put a lot more information out on this and make people aware as we can help each other and make each other job more enjoyable by not making a mess.

Sure we all make messes at times but the longer you work in a field the cleaner you code should become. It shows progress and maturity. I hope that the right people make noise and help us all become better developers.

We all need to care!


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