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Jetbrains WebStorm IDE

January 3, 2011 Leave a comment

I bought myself a copy of this product over Christmas as I decided to learn Javascript and JQuery. I really, really like this product, esp on the Mac. It has nice completion support in html , javascript and jquery and is really configurable. It is designed for the developer / designer that wants to stay away from the visual tooling and just get into the code. This is how I wish Visual Studio was for the web , without all the funky drag and drop stuff.

I have not used the source control functions yet but will get an instance of git working with it and blog about that next.

I really recommend this product. Great work guys.

Also it is very consistent with PyCarm and Rubymine as I believe they all use the same engine so really easy to switch from platform to platfrom. Thus Thumbs Up again.





Hoping for a JetBrains Replacement for Visual Studio

May 26, 2010 Leave a comment

I have been reading that JetBrains, one of my favourite companies, is working on a replacement for Visual Studio. This really excites me as everything in VS is all about Tooling, Automatic code generation and the like. I really hate this a all these design tools get in the ways and are an annoyance. What I want is the bare minimum of tooling and only tools that are essential. I hate wizards there is no need unless they are required. I hate design tools unless I can use them with a code generated file that say “this was generated by a tool”. I dont mind having the visual designers for positioning etc but dont show me the designer by default. If I want it I tell you to show me it.

Using Resharper actually makes VS usable. And since they have other great tools like Rubymine I positive they can produce a nimble IDE. Hopefully like Rubymine that works on OS X so I can use it with mono.